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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Originally postedWednesday, February 07, 2007

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Over the weekend I purchased Steven Spielberg's 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. This was the Director's Cut that has some interesting scenes added, for example, the UN going out into a desert and finding a cruise ship, and a conference that explained why they were using sign language along with the famous five tones. I saw this movie in Roswell, New Mexico when it first came out.

CEIII is an interesting movie, in that, like Spielberg's 'ET', portrays other worldly intelligent life as generally peaceful, the only exception is the scene in which the little boy is abducted, which upsets the boy's mother greatly. However, the little boy seems affectionately drawn to these beings.

Evidence exists throughout the world, seemingly since the beginning of time of visitors from other worlds visiting this planet.

Paintings of saucers on cave walls, ground sculptures only visible by air, and questions regarding pyramid construction all serve to possibly point to this truth, but at the same time leaving more questions than answers.

Even mysteries abound surrounding CEIII that further the controversy, particularly as the question of ET life relates to our own time and how much our government knows or doesn't about the issue and the resulting attempts at secrecy around the issue if they do.

For example, Dr. J. Allen Hynek is listed in the movie credits as being Spielberg's Technical Advisor. Dr. Hynek was the scientific consultant in the highly controversial and publicly acknowledged and available 'Project Bluebook', the 1952 Air Force study attempting to determine if the issue regarding UFOs was a threat to national security.

At that time of this study Hynek was very skeptical that there was any merit to the UFO fascination. Many of the other investigators on this project were also. Hynek stated, "the whole subject seems utterly ridiculous”, even going to extremes to blame sightings on unreliable witnesses, imagination or misinterpretations of natural events. 'Swamp gas' was another popular explanation by Dr. Hynek.

He stated later that the Air Force more or less expected him to debunk any reported sightings, and that he felt that 'Bluebook' and other such reports were really designed to discredit serious UFO study and discourage further public inquiry.

It was also during this time that Hynek developed the 'Hynek Scale', reproduced here:

First Kind
A sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects;

Flying saucers
Odd lights
Aerial objects that are not attributable to human technology.

Second kind
An observation of physical evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation;

Heat or radiation
Damage to terrain
Crop circles found in the vicinity of a UFO sighting[citation needed]

Third kind
An observation of one or more occupants associated with one or more crafts.

After years of researching sightings, Dr. Hynek began to change his opinion about these matters, particularly those sightings observed by astronauts and professional pilots.

Another popular story connected to 'Close Encounters' involved Spielberg's screening of the movie for then President Reagan. Reagan's comment to Spielberg during the movie, "You know, I bet there aren't six people in this room who know just how true this really is."

Even though Spielberg has continued to deny it, Dr. Steven Greer, in his book 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge' has made contact with two witnesses who have verified that this conversation did happen, and that Spielberg had access to secret governement documents on file at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Wright Patterson is widely believed to be where the remains of the famous 1947 Roswell UFO crash were supposedly taken and stored. In fact, in October 1982 President Reagan addressed a crowd from the tarmac of Roswell Industrial Air Base, formally known as the Roswell Army Air Field, near the hangar where the alien bodies are rumored to have been taken after the recovery from that same crash.

I was present at that speech-as a junior high student I didn't know at the time the significance regarding the ET issue.

As we approach the 30th anniversary of Close Encounters(November 1977), we find ourselves in a new era-intricate and beautiful crop circles being reported all over the world, particularly in England, in the farming community that surrounds another mystery, Stonehenge. Some circles are indeed man-made objects, but others have never been satisfiably proven as man-made.

We also find ourselves with resources such as the internet which, for the discerning, spreads these stories much more effectively than before.

And we find ourselves with an actual significant public disclosure event, hosted by the aforementioned Dr. Steven Greer.

In 2001, Dr. Greer made a presentation at the National Press Club along with some of the many credible military and government contract witnesses to significant UFO sightings that he has contacted and who are coming forward about this issue.

Consider the testimony of retired Air Force Capt. Bob Salas, who states that UFOs disabled 10 Minuteman missles 1967. His testimony and others like his call into question the statement that the government issued in the 50s and that they still stand by today, that UFO sightings do not pose a threat to national security.

Or the testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin, spokesman for Dr. Werner Von Braun towards the end of his life, who testifed at this same presentation that Dr. Von Braun was very concerned that the government was going to put weapons in space, not for the purpose of defense but for the purpose of knocking down UFOs. It was Dr. Rosin who first used coined the 'Star Wars' term in referring to these technologies. Von Braun was recruited from Germany after WWII and perfected the rocket technology that allowed the US to go the the Moon.

You can see Dr. Greer's presentation here.:

Dr. Greer has been successful in briefing former CIA Director Woolsey, Laurance Rockefeller, Senator Pell(of Pell Grant fame)and many other key figures.

He's written several books on the subject, for more information his 2006 book 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge' is a good place to start.

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