Thursday, October 05, 2006

Crop Circles, Quetzlcoatl, 2012, End Times

Is it ok if I get a little knee deep in the muck? That's what this blog is about.

Consider yourself warned.

I've been attempting to connect with world and earth consciousness(thru purely legal means, the 70s are over, man)in regards to the end of the Mayan calendar and what it may or may not mean for humanity.

The Mayan calendar is a 5000 year calendar that ends on December 21, 2012.

Much speculation has resulted in trying to determine why this date was chosen, and how they knew that a winter's solstice would occur on this date.

Go here for more of a detailed analysis on the Mayan calendar.

Much more speculation has been offered as to what change may or not take place on that date. And for those who go for the crop circles, the Mayan calendar has been reproduced for us in a quite detailed fashion.

Go here for a detailed description of Quetzalcoatl.

The way that the Mayan temples have been designed, on this date a shadow of Quetzalcoatl is going to ascend the numerous steps of a particular Mayan temple. Mayan literature is unclear at this point what is going to happen, but they indicate that some radical change in the Earth or mankind is going to happen.

Some say this is going to tie in with the end times predictions of Christianity(I don't want to say 'Judeo Christian' because it sounds pretentious, and I sure wouldn't want to sound flaky).

Those who connect this date with the crop circles indicate that there is possibly going to be a polar shift, which would render pretty much all technology useless. This includes possible radical land mass shifting and all sorts of scary or hopeful things that may suggest that we are in line for some kind of metamorphosis, whether sub-concious or otherwise.

One interpretation suggests this is when Christ is going to return, but the Bible states that no man knows the hour or the time...and so the whole date thing kind of squashes that theory.

So anyway, what I'm getting back from my attempts to connect with what all this may mean is that we are in some kind of waiting period and preparation for something to happen, possibly a spiritual awakening or even preparation for a greater spiritual awakening to occur.

If not, then we, as in myself and everyone else, is going to look pretty silly.

If you have any additional info about any of this, or if you just want to issue general mockery, fire away.


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