Friday, October 06, 2006

Raising Peaceful Conciousness

There is something heavy on my mind today. I have an idea that I want to put out to the universe.

Do you remember the movie 'What The Bleep' when they told of some people that gathered on the White House lawn one summer and meditated? The people involved had predicted that crime would decrease by a certain percentage. The police responded that it would have to snow in order for that to happen.

The participants did the meditation and it actually was successsful in lowering crime that day.

We HAVE to do the same thing in regards to the hate in the world. If we had enough people meditating or praying for the end of war, the end of violence and the end of hate in the world, I have no doubt this would happen.

War must end and end now. War is no longer an acceptable solution to conflict.

Love is the way. Society at large doesn't know what love is, we must learn what it is, receive it and share it. Those who do know what love is must share it.

Violent protests against war is not the solution. Protests involving hate is not the solution. Hate does not eradicate hate.

No more hate of any kind, whether directed at those in leadership or those who are considered enemies. No hate directed at the guy that bumped my car yesterday.

Attaining a critical mass of people directing their thoughts towards peace will make peace happen. We all must at least direct our thoughts, daily towards this goal.

We must take initiative in our local cities to make this happen. We can do this collectively. Imagine all of us meeting at one time all directing thoughts towards peace.

This will have two effects-it will empower ourselves, and it will have a profound affect on the totality of human consciousness.

Is anyone in?


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